Ciara inghean MaelPatraic in bardic competition Ciara inghean MaelPatraic in bardic competition

December Missive

Greetings from your friendly Kingdom Earl Marshal. I am writing this month to encourage better vigilance at events from our marshal staff. There was an incident at an event this fall where an individual rushed on to the the field at an event. The individual didn’t check in at the list table. It turns out the individual is not an authorized fighter as paperwork was never sent in after their authorization bout earlier in the summer. The same individual concussed another combatant on the field.

There are several lessons to be learned from this incident. First, everyone should check in at the list table and show their authorization cards. This will ensure everyone on the field should be out there.

Marshals, make sure you are doing good inspections. The incident is still being reviewed. When you perform inspections at events and practice, make sure the padding in the helmet is .5” closed cell foam or equivalent or suspended in such a way as to prevent contact with the wearer during combat. Fighters, check your helmets to verify your padding is legal and in good condition. Be ever vigilant on the field when fighting to deliver good rather than excessive blows.

We always want to hit our friends, not hurt our friends.

In service

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Posted by: Vladimir Radescu Kingdom Earl Marshal on 11/12/2019

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