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December 2010 Northwatch Missive


Greetings Kinsmen,

Here are this month's questions to theGeneral.

There used to be a “playbook” with differentformations in it. What happen to this?

It has gradually fallen out of use over theyears largely due to the fact that as an army we rarely effectively deploy inthose formations. A greater emphasis has been placed on developing and using acommon military terminology (our job is to hold this bridge; we are going tohit that unit on the flank). Given the large distances between groups in Northshieldit is easier and more effective for our smaller fighter practices to focus onworking/fighting together (so the command staff can build larger units whenneeded) than trying to drill formations.

What should I be working on in the wintermonths?

Practice your fighting skill, get newauthorizations and work on your conditioning.

How do I learn to be a line sergeant?

We still haven't come up with a standardizedtraining program for developing our new leaders. Talk to me or the XO and wewill get you started.

Remember to send your questions about theArmy to me at:

In service,

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Posted by: Stephen du Bois General of the Great Griffin Army on 12/1/2010

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