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October 2010 Northwatch Missive


Greetings Kinsmen,

The great Pennsic War isbehind us. Northshield’s growing word fame is carried on the four winds and itstrikes fear deep in the hearts of our foemen.

I would to thank everyonewho attended and supported the army at war; in particular those who acted aswater bearers and House Lac du Valle for making and serving the daily fighter’sbreakfast.

I could not be more pleasedwith the army’s overall performance at war. On the first day of fighting forwar points, it was a Northshield gauntlet that captured the Eastern banner andscored the first points of the war for the Midrealm.

On Thursday, Northshield wasgiven overall command of the first bridge battle, the army pressed home theattack and all five bridges fell to the Midrealm. The second bridge battle sawthe King of the East personally take charge of the bridge that Northshieldoccupied. The East captured all five bridges in this battle, but Northshield’swas the last to fall. The final bridge battle ended with Northshield holdingits’ bridge and our Midrealm allies capturing two of the other bridges.

Friday was the field battlesand the might of the Northshield army was truly a sight to behold. Twice wecleaved completely through the Atlantian flank and wreaked havoc anddestruction upon our foes.

As for what happened on theRapier and Archery lists, I will let those who had the privilege to command onthose fields regale you with the stories of those triumphs.

Again, my deep appreciationand thanks to all of you who fought for and supported the army at war.




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Posted by: Stephen du Bois General of the Great Griffin Army on 10/1/2010

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