Saraidh ingen Guairi Saraidh ingen Guairi

July Missive


The armies are packing for the great campaign of the ages, again... We march forth to uphold the great reputation of our kingdom. The friends, parties, classrooms, fields and ranges await us and they all deserve our very best. Pennsic is the grand stage, the place where the world comes to see it all and we can’t wait to arrive.

Choosing a side in this conflict is always difficult. We both have the closest of friends residing in the East Kingdom, but Their Majesties of the Midrealm showed great respect for the Griffin Realm in visiting us at Border Skirmish to cement the friendship between our kingdoms. Thus, we have acted for Northshield and declared for the Midrealm in their 50th year. Let’s fight hard for our allies and give back for the honor they have shown us. Be safe in your travels and we look forward to seeing you there.

Konrad & Aibhilin

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Posted by: Konrad II and Aibhilin II Their Royal Majesties on 6/11/2019

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