Syr 'Duncan "Fathmbjorn" MacPherson Syr 'Duncan "Fathmbjorn" MacPherson

March 2010 Northwatch Missive


TheirHighnesses have asked me to take on the duties of General of the Griffin Armyfor Their upcoming campaign season. The drums of war are again sounding in thedistance and it is time to strengthen our sword arms, finish repairs toequipment and make the Griffin Army ready to defend our borders at Quest forCamelot and Border Skirmish; hone our skills at Warriors and Warlords; and thentake the field at Pennsic to gain more word-fame and renown for our belovedNorthshield.

Timepasses quickly for all of us and soon the campaign season will be upon us: Begintraining now; get that authorization that you’ve been meaning to get; finishthose ongoing armor projects; and begin melee training at your local practices.

Forhonor and glory,


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Posted by: Stephen du Bois General of the Great Griffin Army on 3/29/2010

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