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Greetings Good People of Northshield!

I’d like to express my thanks to the all those involved in the war effort – both at Pennsic and those who stayed behind to keep our Kingdom safe. I would like to especially thank THL Tatiana Melville for making sure the troops were fed well each and every morning. You got up much earlier than anyone just to make sure there were eggs and coffee along with the rest of the food to give warriors strength toward the great deeds accomplished.

I think this Pennsic was an absolute success — all of you who fought, shot or was there to support our army should be extremely proud of yourselves. It just goes to prove my point that when we all pull together we can pull off some amazing things!

While I didn’t get to finish what I started out to do, I do believe we are now going in the right direction. We’ve got a good start and a solid foundation to build off of - let’s keep the motivation moving onward and upward!

I’ve got other duties that need attending, and will no longer be your general, however I would like to tell you all how very proud and grateful I am to have served as your general to such an incredible group of people with tremendous heart and soul.

Hopefully you will give my successor, Sir Kaydian Bladebreaker, as much support as you have given me. Don’t worry - I’ll still be around to help train and teach! I’m not going anywhere - so look for me on the line!

Sir Leif (grey fox) Haakonson

Other missives from the General of the Great Griffin Army
Posted by: Leif Gray Fox General of the Great Griffin Army on 10/1/2005

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