Thorbjorn hausakljufr Halfdanarson called "ThunderBunny" Thorbjorn hausakljufr Halfdanarson called "ThunderBunny"

April Missive

his year’s Kingdom A&S Competition was held February 9 in the Shire of Trewint. Many thanks to the group for hosting, especially to Judith of Northwode and Richard of Mourningwode as Event Stewards. The warmth of their welcome on a blustery cold day just days after a blizzard is truly treasured.
Copious thanks also go to the many entrants and judges who volunteered their time to make the event happen. Your contributions are very much appreciated.

Here is a list of those who achieved the highest marks against the criteria in their respective divisions/categories.
Tatiana Marana Melville - Printing of fabric using period inks
Introductory Division: Costuming and Fiber Arts

Bazyli Boleslaw z Krakowa - 16th-century Polish Hussar armor
Introductory Division: Pyro Technology

Jehanette de Provins - Illumination (diapering, shading, pigments)
Open Division: Decorative Arts

Julio Galva’n - 15th-century Handgonne
Open Division: Pyro Technology

Rachell Baker - Brief history and role of gloves in the 16th century
Open Division: Courtly Arts and Research

Sol - Beaded necklace, Andalusi/Middle Eastern, 11 c. (clothing accessory),
- Digestive electuary/losenge, Andalusi/Middle Eastern, 13th c. (cooking/medicinal),
- Research paper on my alternate title, Cida (heraldry topic)

Triathlon Division: Costuming and Fiber Arts, Domestic Arts and Sciences, Courtly Arts and Research

I also bring words from the SUN Chancellor:

Call for bids: Stellar University of Northshield,
November 9-10, 2019.
This is a one- to two-day event of classes about every topic under the sun of interest to the SCA. It is a great event to host as attendance has been excellent the last couple of years. The hosting group is only responsible for the site itself while the SUN staff is responsible for the actual running of the event.

Minimum requirements to host this event are classrooms and a populace space that is large enough to hold court, to be held on Saturday, November 9. A perfect site will have:
1. About 8 classrooms, with electric outlets and good lighting.
2. Plenty of tables and chairs.
3. Another room, large enough for dance.
4. Another room, good for choral.
5. A Royalty room with ample space for gear and large peerage meetings.
6. A kitchen, able to handle both lunch and classes.
7. Permission to have B&V classes with imbibing limited to possible thimble-sized portions for taste comparison.
8. Populace space, with room enough for consultation tables and meet-and-greet areas.
9. Space for court.
10. A space outside to put up a shelter for outdoor classes.
11. Permission to have morning classes on Sunday, November 10, as well as on Saturday, November 9, 2019.

Perfect sites are hard to come by, so don’t be discouraged. Let me know what you have available – the SUN event is very adaptable!

All questions, comments, and bids to be submitted to Domina Berenice Calvina, SUN Chancellor, at or

Bid deadline is April 30, 2019.


Other missives from the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences
Posted by: Annetje van Leuven Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 3/11/2019

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