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April Missive

Greetings from Iohannes!
I have an update to the requirements for information to be included in court reports. These changes are effective immediately.

1) Per Kingdom law II-600, both a warranted seneschal and a warranted herald are required for a valid court. We have done an excellent job of capturing who the herald is but not the seneschal. Going forward, please collect the name of the seneschal for the event and include it in the court report just as you would include a signet. In most cases, this will be the seneschal of the group hosting the event and that individual can be identified in advance by looking up the group officers on the Northshield website page for that group. In the case of an event not hosted by a Northshield group (such as a war or other out-of-kingdom event where a court occurs), please ask who the designated Northshield seneschal for the court is and include that individual in the court report. If you are not sure, ask Their Majesties. There must be both a seneschal and herald in court for awards to be valid.

2) We may soon see the return of the toy run which was put on hold so that supervision requirements could be determined. In order for such an activity or any activity that separates children from the group, to take place, that activity must include an individual with a valid SCA youth background check. If any such activity takes place during court, please obtain from Their Majesties the name of the supervising youth background-check individual. We are capturing this information as a preventative measure. If such an activity does take place during court, include the name of that individual in the court report just as you would capture the name of a signet or the seneschal. If such an activity does not take place during court, this information is not required.

Feel free to collect this information in advance, such as during the court meeting. I will be posting a template to assist with the writing of court reports in the resource section of the Polaris officer page shortly for those that feel this to be helpful. You are not required to use the template but the court report you generate should include all the indicated information. If you are not clear about what should be included in a court report, please feel free to contact me at herald@northshield.org at any time.


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Posted by: Iohannes Glenfidanus Polaris Herald on 3/11/2019

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