Who is this masked monarch?!? Who is this masked monarch?!?

March Missive

Helllloooooo, Northshield!

We have been busy planning and prepping for the upcoming summer. It really will get warm again we promise. While the summer months are looking packed with exciting events, we are enjoying traveling in support of their Majesties and have loved getting to see you all. We will soon be looking at award recommendations for our reign, so please consider the great deeds of some of those around you and lets us know if we need to take a closer look and perhaps formally recognize those achievements.

Our Crown Tourney rules will be posted soon (if not by the time this goes to press). In short, we will be having a round-robin format where fighters fight everyone in a group and the top records will advance to a double-elimination tourney. This format will guarantee that every fighter gets several fights, and the number of groups as well as number of fighters that advance will be decided by the Crown based on the number of fighters in the tourney that day.

The weapon form each fighter will use will once again need to be declared in their letter of intent. So pick up what you are best at and BRING IT! We hope to bring out the absolute best in the fighters of the kingdom.

We also want as many people who feel the desire to compete to enter, so we are making any requirements to enter only conform to kingdom and Society minimums. In addition, while the displays of the combatants are pleasing to behold we are stating that it is NOT a requirement to enter into the tourney; we will be setting such displays back from the lists as to provide more room for the populace.

Konrad & Aibhilin

Other missives from the Their Royal Highnesses
Posted by: Konrad II and Aibhilin II Their Royal Highnesses on 2/11/2019

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