Master Antonio de Casa d'Aqua called "Price" Master Antonio de Casa d'Aqua called "Price"

January Missive

Greetings Northshield,

Winter white blankets the ground and warm fires kindle at hearths. This is the season to immerse oneself in books, hone skills, and create wondrous things. This is also the time when the artisans of the Kingdom gather to share in each other's arts and research. All this panoply will be on display at the 2019 Northshield Kingdom A&S Competition, February 9th in the Shire of Trewint, and everyone is welcome to come join in. Details about the event itself are at the event webpage:

If you are interested in participating, the sign-up forms for entrants and judges for the 2019 Competition are now active. They, along with the A&S Competition Handbook and Judging Criteria Sheets are all available on the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition page, located at:

If you would like to enter Kingdom A&S, please fill out the official form on the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition page. The deadline for entering the competitive divisions of the A&S Competition will be January 1, 2019. If you have any questions about choosing a division or a category, or have any other concerns about the Competition process, please contact me.

• The Introductory Division is available for those who are new to the Kingdom A&S Competition. You are eligible to enter this division if: the entry is one of your first five projects in an art form OR made within your first year of practicing that art or science OR it is your first entry in a Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition. (Laurels are not eligible for this Division.) This division will only have one judge per entrant. Scores will be tallied and prizes awarded for the highest score in each category. You may choose to enter the Open Division even if you are eligible for the Introductory Division.

• The Open Division is for those who are more experienced in their art or science. This division will have three judges per entrant. Scores will be tallied and prizes awarded for the highest score in each category.

• The Commentary and Display Division is for those who prefer not to compete with their scores. This can be either by working with a judge to use the rubric to evaluate the entry collaboratively OR to display one's work for a couple of hours, answering questions about the project, with written feedback being optional. This would allow for a non-competitive environment where an artisan or researcher can be recognized for their work.

There are separate judging forms for Physical Items, Performances, and Research Papers. If you have an object or performance you'd like to enter and a tome of research you'd like evaluated, consider entering as a Research Paper that's submitted ahead of time so the judges have sufficient time to read it, and on the day of the event, present the object/performance (or range of objects showing your development along the way) as the artifact of your research process. If you have questions about this, or documenting your research in general, please contact me.

Research papers will be due January 20, 2019 and can be submitted by mail, email, or in person at Nordskogen Twelfth Night.

Speaking of which, the Competition also needs judges. If you would like to sign up to judge at Kingdom A&S, please fill out the Judges form, which is also on the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition page. Anyone who is entering or attending the Competition is encouraged to think about judging as well. It is interesting and informative to see both aspects of the A&S process.

Again, please contact me if you are hesitant; there is an option to sign up as a “student judge” if you feel you could use additional guidance.

Please consider joining us as an entrant, a judge, or simply as an arts and sciences enthusiast! Feel free to contact me with any questions, thoughts, or concerns. I look forward to meeting many artisans from the western reaches of the Kingdom and geeking out with you over your creative endeavors.

In Service,

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Posted by: Annetje van Leuven Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 12/11/2018

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