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September Missive

From Their Incoming Royal Majesties

Greetings to the people of Northshield,

Since it is our time to take the high seat, we want to share what we look for in an award recommendation. For simplicity, we are breaking this down into three areas: service, arts and sciences, and martial activities. We recognize that doesn’t cover everything but we hope this gives you enough information to apply elsewhere.

First, we want specifics: list accomplishments, i.e. ‘researched and redacted a 14th C recipe,’ ‘while holding the office of herald helped 6 people register new devices and heralded 3 courts,’  ‘entered five different tournaments’. Second, we want information that cannot be found on the kingdom website. It lists the authorizations people hold as well as the job titles they have done. Third, tell us the impact of what they have done, i.e., ‘as chatelaine recruited 5 new people that are still playing two years later.’

For an Award of Arms, we want to see concentrated work in one of our three areas, or a variety of work in more than one. For AoA-level awards, we want to see the work that is done and the impact it creates at a local level. How does this affect your group? For GoA-level awards, we want to see the work and impact on a regional level as well as evidence that the person is working ‘beyond their own endeavors.’ How are they teaching or leading? For a peerage we want to see impact and work on a kingdom and Society level. We also want them to have a kingdom and Society clue and understand how the SCA works differently across the kingdom and Society. This means there has to be travel. You have to go somewhere to truly get a feel for it. Lastly, they need to have peerlike qualities and be examples for the entire Society as well as meet the requirements set out in the governing documents VIII. PERSONAL AWARDS AND TITLES A. Patents of Arms 1. General requirements.

Remember, anyone can recommend anyone else for any award at any time,

Vladimir & Petranella

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Posted by: Yngvar II and Luce II Their Royal Majesties on 8/14/2018

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