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April Missive

Greetings, Northshield!

These past 11 months have gone so quickly, We can’t believe Our time on the Thrones of Northshield is almost at an end. We have enjoyed traveling throughout this awesome Kingdom, meeting new people and trying new things. The wonderful A&S projects We have seen and the skill of the artisans, the fierceness of our fighters, the skill of our archers and those who throw weapons, the joy of the dance, the activities for the youth – all these things make Northshield the strong Kingdom it is. The warm welcome We received at every event We went to, and the generosity of the people of Northshield is something that will stay with Us forever.

There are so many people who have helped make Our reign run smoothly. Baroness Alex and Baron Janvier, thank you for following Us all over the Kingdom (even before We won Crown Tourney) and to other kingdoms, and all your help during the reign. Thank you Countess Gwen for making Us a gorgeous new wardrobe; for making favors, cool scrolls, award medallions, and so many things; and for your advice and support. Thank you, Mistress Jois for always finding us retinue and being retinue. Thank you Count Rhys, Lord Toussaint, Lord Aohdan, Lady Earna, Lady Cealfind, and Duchess Æsa for being Our main crew of people that did all kinds of things for Us. Thank you, Mistress Mira for the awesome dress you made for Cassandra. Thank you to the crew who helped with Cassandra’s Coronation dress. Thank you to Baroness Leona, Lady Thora, and Sir Jean for the mugs they donated for the newcomers. Thank you to Baroness Kadijah for the gifts of largesse to hand out to people and for the gifts for the consorts at Our Crown Tourney. Our thanks to those who hosted Kaydian on his Progress, to those who set up the wonderful royalty rooms for us, who unloaded and loaded our stuff, and set up the Presence. Thank you to Our Stallari for their service to the Kingdom, their support of Us, and their advice. Thank you to all who have served as retinue for Us at various  events. Thanks to all the scribes for their work on the award scrolls for Our courts. Thanks to the Moneyers Guild for the coins to give out to people. Thank you to Duke Konrad and Countess Aibhilinn for helping Us learn the ropes of being Royalty. We’re sorry if We forgot anyone, there were so many that have helped Us.

Thank you to the people of Northshield, who helped Us make Our vision for Our reign come true. This has been an experience We will cherish forever.

One Kingdom, One Army.
Kaydian and Cassandra

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Posted by: Kaydian and Cassandra Their Royal Majesties on 3/13/2018

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