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March Missive

Greetings, Northshield,

Rapier Tournament and Crown Tournament Announcement:

Spring Crown Tournament is coming up in May and some are wondering what the format may be. If there are fewer than 16 combatants, there will 2 round robin pools of single bouts to get the list down to 8 fighters. If there are 16 or more combatants, it will be a regular list tree with challenge-ins. When at 8 from pools or if starting with 16+, the format will be best 2 bouts out of 3. The first fight of these will be either weapon and shield, two weapons, or great weapon. Each fighter will choose the weapon style for their opponent! They will be given a 3x5 card, on it they will write either an “S” for shield and weapon, a “2” for two weapon, or “G” for great weapon. A corner person from each fighter will exchange cards before the first fight. All fights after the first are bring-your-best.

A Rapier Tournament will be held the morning of Crown Tournament and open to the Combatants/ Consorts of the armored tournament as well as the populace of Northshield. Results of the Rapier Tournament will determine the order in which the Combatants/Consorts process in for the armored tournament. If the Combatant/Consort does not wish to participate, they can either sponsor a rapier fighter who will assist in their placement in the processional, or they can abstain from the tournament, Then the Combatant/Consort will process in by the order the letter of intent was received. The Rapier Tournament will be a bring-your-best depending on number of participants, including two or more pools with round robin. Then, it will proceed to a double elimination.

Consorts are encouraged to bring tokens for each other to pass out during the day, and are also invited to attend a Consort Tea in which we will have time to socialize and exchange tokens before the Armored Tournament begins. If a Consort is unable to attend the Tea due to the Rapier Tournament, we will make sure your tokens get to you.

We are looking forward to this day that will name our heirs and continue the Northshield legacy!

Yngvar and Luce

Other missives from the Their Royal Highnesses
Posted by: Yngvar II and Luce II Their Royal Highnesses on 2/12/2018

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