HE Kateryn of Cornwall HE Kateryn of Cornwall

March Missive

Greetings to the wonderful people of Northshield.

The days are long and cold, but soon spring will be here. With spring comes war. We hope you will join Us as we travel south to Gulf Wars. We have received word that the Kingdoms of Trimaris and Ansteorra will be allying against the Kingdoms of Meridies and Gleann Abhann. A commanders’ meeting will be held onsite the Monday of War to determine numbers and ensure that sides are relatively even for the enjoyment of all. Please let Us know you’re coming via the 'Northshield Goes to Gulf Wars' page on the Boke of Faces, or send email to trm@northshield.org.

The Barony of Windhaven will host Bardic Madness on April 7th. In addition to hearing rousing bardic compositions, We will be investing the new Baron and Baroness of Windhaven, Iohannes Glenfidanus and Xanthippe Botaneiatissa. We hope to see many of you there.

We have run low on some award tokens, especially AoA circlets. We are asking for artisans who make circlets to please donate a few, so the Crown may continue to give new Ladies and Lords the symbol of their rank.

One Kingdom, One Army.
Kaydian and Cassandra

Other missives from the Their Royal Majesties
Posted by: Kaydian and Cassandra Their Royal Majesties on 2/12/2018

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