Baba Yaga visits Castel Rouge Baba Yaga visits Castel Rouge

February Missive

Greetings unto the good people of Northshield,

We hope that you and your kinsmen have had a wonderful holiday season!

Soon Northshield will march to war in Gleann Abhann, and help bring victory to our allies (no, we have not declared yet). We hope that you will join Us. Gulf War is always a wonderful event, full of classes, fighting, archery, and equestrian. And let’s not forget shopping and listening to performances at the Green Dragon.

The Northshield Army always takes to the field at Gulf War with pride. Our Army consists of many players, not just the martial activities. Did you know there is an Arts and Sciences war point? This is a Knowne World competition, so documentation is a must. We are always amazed at the items produced by Northshield artisans. Please let Us know if you would like to represent Northshield in the Arts and Sciences war point. Also, think about being a judge for the A&S war point, as those are needed also.

There are also volunteer war points. What positions in the Northshield Army need volunteers? We need teachers for A&S classes, water bearers for our field armies, marshals for all the martial activities, and retainers for Us. Think about what part you will play in the Northshield Army, and make it happen.

We appreciate the award recommendations We have received so We can honor Our people. We would like to remind everyone that the scribes need time to produce the amazing scrolls that they make. If you are writing an award rec, please submit them at least six weeks before the event.

Thank you!

One Kingdom, One Army.

Kaydian and Cassandra

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Posted by: Kaydian and Cassandra Their Royal Majesties on 1/16/2018

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