Cecil Hagan being put on vigil for the chivalry Cecil Hagan being put on vigil for the chivalry


Greetings Northshield!!!

The drill index cards are now available on the Earl Marshals page, under additional information. Please access this page, learn the formation as this is something we’ve been working on for several months and would like to see all Griffin Fighters drilling. Knights marshals, look for a copy of these index cards coming to you in the mail. If you haven’t received them already, please contact me and I’ll get a set of these laminated cards to you.

These formations mainly from block but also use your imagination in how you want to implement them. These are not the Bible for our fighting, just general formations you should be accustomed to running.
I look forward to seeing the variations that all of you come up with while drilling these… be creative! The old Northshield War Manual has been removed from the website. By the time of my next missive, hopefully I will have the new manual – version I – posted on the website (thank you Wulfric!).

I encourage all of you to download or print this information, review it, learn it…know it! For those of you without access to do this, contact me and I will send you a hard copy of it thru snail mail. I will be carrying copies of it with me as well, so if I have a copy to give you, I can give you one on the field.

Understand that this first version will not cover everything. The manual is a first version and will be a work in progress – so keep checking for updates. I appreciate everyone’s patience with me while putting this together.

Keep training … keep drilling … keep fighting … keep drinking (water)

For the Glory of Northshield!
I Remain Yours In Service ~

Sir Leif Haakonson
General of the Great Griffon Army

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Posted by: Leif Gray Fox General of the Great Griffin Army on 8/1/2005

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