Hreodbeorht of Harhun-dell & Faerisa Gwynarden Hreodbeorht of Harhun-dell & Faerisa Gwynarden

July 2009 Northwatch Missive

Hail Supporters of the Great Griffin Army!

Your General sends you greetings in hopes that all is well in your homes and with you and your dear ones.

War is upon us! Our great and noble King Stephen and Queen Ailleanne have asked all who are able to fight and bear arms to rush to the side of our noble ally, the Middle Kingdom. We all know that our army is comprised of more than just soldiers… the soldiers are just a finger on the fist of Northshield’s hand… the marshals, water bearers, bards, and those that are there to support us and mend our wounds also are part of that mighty fist!

Many of us know what great lengths King Stephen has gone through in order to gather additional troops to fight by our side at Pennsic War. I humbly ask that you follow your great King into the fray, as your purses allow. Households, war bands, shire & baronial fighters … let us gather together under the Northshield banner and fight side by side to, once again, gain much glory and renown on the bloody field of honor! From the seasoned warrior to the newest authorized, each of you are important upon the field … YOU make a difference! Join us in the fray so that you can tell the stories of noble deeds in the bloody battles … let the bards sing your name and those of your brothers and sisters! In this Great Griffin Army, EVERYONE has a talent that is necessary for victory … there is a place for each and every citizen, no matter their experience … I need you … YES… YOU to stand with me, fighting or supporting the warriors, whatever your talent… I ask your assistance.

There is a yahoo group that is collecting data that anyone can access. I am in need of information about the numbers of people attending Pennsic. This information will be used for a variety of reasons, so PLEASE… if you are attending war, please go to NS (underscore) Griffin (underscore) Army @ (remember … no spaces), and fill out the poll.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in this great Griffin Army of Northshield!

Sir Leif Gray Fox Haakonson
General of Northshield’s Griffin Army

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Posted by: Leif Haakonson General of the Great Griffin Army on 6/19/2009

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