Master Isaac de Hugo watching over the crowd Master Isaac de Hugo watching over the crowd


I'm delighted to be allowed the honor of serving as Northshield's Youth Officer.

I would like to encourage the parents and children to work together to develop an active youth community. I do not think that only parents should be involved with youth activities, but these are our children and we should lead the way. Please offer to assist with activities at events you are attending, offer to teach a class or plan an activity. Both children and adults can do these things. I believe that the best way for our children to enjoy participation in the SCA is by - well - participating.

I would really like it if children would contact me and tell me about great children's activities they have enjoyed in the past. This will allow me to build a database of activities to share with other Ministers of Youth. If your child is too young to contact me feel free to help them share their experience. It would also be useful to have information on ideas that didn't work, please tell me why you think the activity didn't work.

I would like everyone who plans a youth activity at an event to send me a short report about how things went and what was done. I would prefer this in lieu of quarterly reports. This is the information which will make our community better and will allow me to receive and share it in a more timely fashion. These reports do not have to come from the groups official Youth Officer. They can come from the teacher of a class, activity supervisors or planners or the person who organized the activities, even all of the above.

I welcome all suggestions on how we can make the SCA a better place for our children. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.



Other missives from the Kingdom Youth Officer (KLO)
Posted by: Giulia Isabella da Venezia Kingdom Youth Officer (KLO) on 2/1/2005

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