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Thrusting Tip Experiments

Greetings, Northshield. We are joining two Armored Combat experiments currently underway in both Ansteorra and Trimaris.  They have been running these experiments for over a year with zero incidents.  They are called the "single layer" and "no layer" thrusting tip experiments.  I feel very confident that we can adopt this into our marshal structure with relative ease.

Details can be found at the following links

These experiments will be open to ALL Armored Combat combatants fighting with ONE HANDED thrusting weapons.

As of 6/1/17 they are allowed in single combat, including official tournaments, assuming steps for experimental weapons are followed which are detailed below.  Melee combat allowance will be conditional on the approval of the MIC, KRMs or KEM.  I'd like to point out that these are Northshield experiments, and will not be usable at multi-kingdom wars (Pennsic, Gulf Wars, etc).

I would like to remind all that the requirement for using experimental weaponry is that they shall be marked with alternating bands of red and green tape totaling 6 inches (15.2 cm) in length. Bands shall be visible during weapon usage.  Furthermore, all combatants and marshals need to have been informed the weapon or material is being tested and that it is not approved for general SCA use. 

Should, for any reason, a combatant find themselves uncomfortable fighting against an experimental weapon, they can refuse to fight, without penalty.  i.e. they will not forfeit the bout.  I would recommend that any fighter entering into this experiment create and maintain backup standard SCA-use weapons in the event that their opponent doesn't want to face an experimental weapon.

I request that anyone participating in these experiments will fill out the reporting form, and submit to the MiC so we can track how well or poorly the experiments are going.

I'm excited that we get the opportunity as a community to test out these new designs.  I believe their ease of construction and lower profile will allow more people to adopt them, and further increase the techniques available in our game.

KEM Northshield

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Posted by: Lars Wolfsblut Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal (KLO) on 6/2/2017

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