HE Dugall Ailean mac-'ic Lathurna HE Dugall Ailean mac-'ic Lathurna

October Missive

The care and welfare of the youth within the Kingdom of Northshield is the sole responsibility of their Parents or Guardians. Youth Officers are not babysitters, and Youth Activities are not a
place to leave your children.

The Parent or Legal Guardian of ALL NON-MEMBER children must sign a Minor Waiver Form for children under 18 years of age, before entering an event. If the child has a signed blue membership card, this counts as a signed waiver. If a minor child attends an event within the company of a responsible adult who is NOT their parent or legal guardian, the following paperwork must be submitted to the Front Gate prior to admittance:
• An SCA Youth Waiver form signed by the Child's Parent or legal Guardian. Some events and some local laws require this to be notarized.
• A minor medical authorization form, which should be in the responsible adult’s possession.

In the event of a problem with a child at an event or planned activity, the responsible adult will be approached with courtesy and asked to remedy any situations wherein the child may be
endangering themselves, others, or the property of others or where the reasonable comfort of others is threatened. If the child's behavioral problem should persist, the parent may be asked to remove the child from the situation temporarily, or may be asked to enforce a "resting period" in a nonpopulated area. In the event that a satisfactory behavior pattern cannot be re-established with the child, it may be suggested that the responsible adult and the child in question leave the event.

Youth Officers and Youth Marshals in the USA must have a background check done by the vendor chosen by the SCA, Inc. To get a copy of these forms, contact the Kingdom Youth Officer.
These forms get sent directly to the corporate o.ce and are run when approved by the Kingdom Seneschal. US background checks last for 2 years, and must be resubmitted if an officer wishes to
maintain elegibility.

Youth Officers and Youth Marshals in Canada must give basic information (name, email address, membership information, what office they want) to the Kingdom Seneschal, who will arrange to
have a Canadian background check done.

The cost of these background checks are evenly split between the corporate office and the Kingdom of Northshield. The Northshield portion of the fees is paid from a dedicated fund in the Northshield account. We encourage people to donate money to the account. No payment is required to have the background check done.

Youth officers can be warranted as a local officer or an At-Large officer. Background checks are required for warranting. Those individuals who wish to become warranted Youth Officers should
submit to the kingdom seneschal complete contact information and why the proposed officer wants the position (for example, the wish to run youth activities in your group or at an event). Officers will not be warranted until the background check has been completed. The Kingdom Youth Officer will maintain a list of warranted officers.

Reports by Youth Officers are required quarterly. The kingdom website will have the report form for online reporting, and reports will include a description of activities at local events, specifically listing any good ideas and successful activities, the number and approximate ages of children attending specific activities, and details of any problems encountered.

Warranting and reporting for Youth Marshals in under the direction of the Kingdom Earl Marshal, and is not addressed here.

Youth Officers can be a resource to parents, activity planners, and event stewards. They may encourage and support others to integrate children and family activities in their field of interest at SCA events and meetings. Such support could include guild activities, classes, craft sessions, games, etc. They may organize and help implement appropriate children's and family activities.

At Youth Activities there must always be at least two adults, not living in the same household, with youth. A warranted Youth Officer must be in charge of the Youth Activities. Youth Activities are
defined as planned activities at an SCA function (event, local meeting, etc.) that are specifically for children.

Event Stewards should take into consideration what space may be most appropriate for children's activities. The room or area should be close enough to the center of event activities that it will be easy for the parent to participate without giving up other event activities. The ideal space for children's activities is in or near the center of event activities. Activities and activity areas are encouraged to have bathrooms that are near the proposed area, so that children can visit them on their own, no unsafe feature of the room/area that will endanger the children, sufficient tables and chairs exist so that the children can easily complete crafts and projects. If activities are outside for a prolonged time, sufficient shelter should be available so that the children will not sunburn and if necessary are sheltered from the weather. Water should also be accessible.

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Posted by: Katriona ni Chonarain Kingdom Youth Officer (KLO) on 9/12/2016

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