Ambrose von Pasau Ambrose von Pasau

06-2008 Northwatch Missive

Armored Fighters and Marshals of Northshield:

The war season is well upon us. We are enjoying the comradery fighting together and storytelling after glorious battle. Coming this month - Moorish Tavern out west, Border Skirmish out east, Castle Fever in the center, Lillies to the South and two events up north, we all have many opportunities to fight. Remember, each of you represents Northshield. Each interaction with a combatant, whether in Northshield or outside our borders, your actions are what people think of Northshield. Leave in your wake a group of people who admire you, even fear your skill, but most of all, fighters who what to see you again.

Two quick pieces of business:

First, Janvier has served his Region and Kingdom well for the past two years. It is time another Armored Marshal to step up to take the position of Eastern Regional Deputy Armored Combat Marshal. Please submit your letter of application, by July 1, 2008, to

Second, the new Marshal site is up and running. Please make sure that you have visited, and signed up.  All rosters on the site.  Group Marshals, please start verifying your group data.  The new site is

In friendship and service,

Tosten du Calais

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Posted by: Tosten du Calais Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal (KLO) on 5/18/2008

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