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02-2008 Northwatch Missive


It is I, Guenievre, weary Ægis Herald.

While it is time to consider holding another Northshield Heraldic & Scribal Symposium, it is also time to search for my replacement.

First and foremost, I am looking for a group to host a Symposium next year… probably in the autumn unless someone wants to volunteer to hold it earlier.

We primarily need a site with seven classrooms and at least one decent “gathering space” that can be used for a populace room and mock court. A feast is not necessary. Proximity to lunch and dinner food is preferred. Just about everything else is negotiable… This is a very easy event for the hosting group to run. It seems to me we’re due to have one in the Dakotas or thereabouts… hint, hint. [The two previous events have been in Rockhaven/St. Cloud, MN and Darkstone/Ashland-Bayfield, WI]

In tandem with this search for an event site/host group, I would like to find a replacement for Ægis Herald—someone who, ideally, could “shadow” me for the 2008 event (or, heck, take it over, why ever not).

The Ægis Herald is the Education Herald. The primary function of the office is to organize a Northshield Heraldic & Scribal Symposium every one to one and a half years, rotating the event throughout the kingdom to ensure accessibility.

Above and beyond that, it would be nice to find someone who would be interested in expanding the “offerings” of the office—perhaps coordinating classes beyond just the NHSS, working with the Prince and Princess if they’ve never been royalty before, perhaps writing articles for the Northwatch, and so on. But that’s “icing on the cake” as they say. I had lofty goals of doing that stuff, but had a case of helium hand and so I never quite got around to it.

So there it is. Please feel free to inquire or ask questions! It’s really a pretty easy job, it just gets a little busy six months out, and very busy for three months before the NHSS.


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Posted by: Guenievre du Dragon Vert Aegis Herald (Education Deputy) on 2/1/2008

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