James Applegate, Katsuo Toyaoka, and Delphina the Bearcat James Applegate, Katsuo Toyaoka, and Delphina the Bearcat

The Young Vicious Horde Story Arc - Credits

Patrons: Baroness Anne and Baron Geoffrey

Shaman/Bard/Instigator/Director/Author: Charissa de La Sirra

Patron, Kahn and Princess: Aramanthra the Vicious
Imperial Governor: Gaius Niklos Aurelius Luctator

The Young Vicious Ones: Rowan, Teague, Aidan, Kate, Libby, Cameran, Devin, Andrew, Mike, Rachel, Kaitara, Gwendoyln, Julian, Sophia, Nathan, Brenden, Hermoine (Gracie), Zarlin, Julie, Torie, Katie, Andre, Wolf, Colin, Mathias, Taylor, Seoln, August, Laura Rose, Sierra, Liz, Becca, Melissa, Ben, Elizabeth, and more

The Young Roman: Ragnor (Gregor)

The Lost Boys: Tristan, Gerrod, Eilika, Kiwi, Cairstiona, Rusty, Padruig, DaCook, Trev, Alasdair and Big Matt

Advisors from Great Dark Horde: Fiona MacGregor, Tshuka

Advisors on Commedia del Arte: John and Eithel of Cantebury

Boffer & Music Coach: Senora Luisa Jardinera

Archery Coach: Mark Sauntry

Iron Smith of the War Banner: Danial Bahram Ravani

The A&S of felt making and horse tails: Bana bhiocas Fina ingen Aeda and the Northshield list

The Nth hour costumers: Euriant De Ri, Lussche delle Cassia, who saved the day

Giant Squirrels: Castille the Blackhand, Marcella and Clyde (Barb and Chris Coenen), Nordleigh

Patron of the arts: Owen von Alun who led me to believe in myself and others

Documentation/ Bibliography, in order of Importance

For costumes: Mongol Costumes by Henny Harald Hansen published by Rhodos International Science and Art Publishers 1993

For costumes and headresses: Mongol Jewelry by Martha Boyer published by Rhodos International Science and Art Publishers

For style of Mongol oral presentation and best background source: The Secret History of the Mongols / The Origin of Chingis Khan, translated by Francis Woodman Cleaves, adapted by Paul Khan published by Cheng & Tsui 1998

For Mongolian values and culture: Mongolian Folktales by Hilary Roe Metternich and Dr Pureviin Khorloo, published by Avery 1996

For shaman background and Mongol values: Chosen by the Spirits by Sarangerel, published by Destiny 2001

For general background: National Geographic, February 1997 "The Great Khans"

For general background: National Geographic, December 1996 "Genghis Khan"

For general background: National Geographic, June 2001, "Marco Polo II"

For first source documentation from a hostile perspective: The Story of the Mongols whom We call the Tartars, by Friar Giovanni DiPlano Carpini, translated and introduced by Erick Hildinger, published by Branden 1996

For best overall background: The Mongols by David Morgan published by Blackwell 1986

For information on women: Women in Mongolia by Martha Avery published by Asian Art & Archaeology 1996

For other interpretations of Mongol culture: Life on the Silk Road by Susan Whitefield published by University of California Press 1999

For felt making: Felt Making: Techniques and Projects by Inge Evers, published by Lark Books 1987

For a simple book on war tactics: Men at Arms Series 105: The Mongols by S R Turnbull and Angus McBride by Osprey 1982

For instruction in Commedia del arte: Pennsic XXX - John and Eithel of Cantebury, Commedia del Arte workshop by Baroness Meriel de Blackwoode, performing commedia improviso by Lord Ruadri, Mongol Shagai Games and Mongol Folktales by Lady Tuya substitutes, the instructor on accupressure who advised me on Mongolian healing arts

For Latin: Andrixos and Cassell's Latin English Dictionary

For scenery: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/genghis/trail.html
For background: http://www.coldsiberia.org/
For competitive festivals: http://www.amnh.org/education/teachersguides/mongolia/page3.html
For archery: http://www.horsearchery.org/
Center for studying Eurasian nomads : http://www.csen.org
For boot pattern: http://www.cyberus.ca/~rebecca/hare/FIG_14.JPG
For others in SCA doing Mongol research: http://www.9v.com/crystal/kerij-e/, http://members.tripod.com/Mongolian_Page/index.html
For period ceremonial banners etc: http://members.aol.com/yikhmongol/cerem-fn.html
For currently available books: http://mongol@nycmongol.com/Amazon.html

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