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Youth Thrown Weapons

by John Bartholomew of Flanders

Throwing knives, axes, and spears at targets on a range is an activity done under a marshal's supervision and is open to everyone in the SCA, provided they can follow the rules and be safe. No authorization or membership is required. Young folks in the SCA are welcome to try out thrown weapons if the Marshal is comfortable with how safe the young person is. First-time young people need to come to the thrown weapons activity with a parent or guardian. The marshal will probably ask the young person and parent/guardian to sign a waiver at the thrown weapons activity to be sure that one has been signed. Once the Marshal has explained how thrown weapons works and everyone agrees, then the young person can try out thrown weapons.

Many times loaner gear is available, if you check with the Marshal. Be careful with someone else's weapons. If you break a handle on a loaner axe, then it is courteous to offer to pay to replace it (they cost about $4-$5). If you want to get your own weapons to throw, it is usually good to have a set of each weapon - say, 3 or 4 knives or axes, instead of just one. The rules for knives, axes, and spears are fairly simple - they have to be safe, with no burrs or nicks on the blade or handle, they must be solid and not about to fall apart, and they can't be too big or heavy. For youth, the weight is an especially important consideration. Remember, the Marshals will be looking out to make sure you can be safe with any weapon you use.

More information is available at: Thrown Weapons Marshal Page

Posted by: Kit Marik syn Kingdom Webminister (KLO) on 10/13/2007

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