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Missive from Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal

Hail andGreeting from Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal.

Firstthing I would like to talk about is the Kingdom website. If you are a combatantand/ or a marshal and you do not have a profile set up on it, please go and doso.  This will allow you to track yourauths, marshal status, as well as give us (the marshal team) an idea of whatevents you will be at so we can set up office hours, etc.  We have a great website, and the web site folkswork hard to keep it up to date. They and we need your help to make sure it hasthe correct information.  So make sureyou have a profile, and it is up to date.

The second thing is reporting. We need to be doing it better, and on time.  Again, our kingdom web team have made it assimple as possible to file your marshal’s reports. We encourage you to use thetools you have available (smart phones, tablets etc) to make your reportingmore timely. We will allow pictures of event reports from them if the text canbe read – take a picture of the report and send that. The Clerk of the Roster,Dauyd, works hard to keep information up to date, but if we do not send intimely event reports  
it becomes hard toupdate authorizations.

As of June 1 the marshal reporting schedule on the website will be updated toreflect that MIT’s and Group Marshals should report quarterly, and all marshalsshould file a domes day by Dec 1. Any not doing so will lose their warrant forthat year. Group marshals, that is especially important as it may put yourgroup into abeyance.

Anupdate of the Kingdom Armored Combat handbook been worked on by Ansila, myselfand the regional marshals. Not many changes, just getting previous updates frommissives into the easiest available place to find them. Thanks to THL Gwenhwyvarverch Owen ap Morgan for sending me some of the lost updates.

Tobe a marshal means to be an officer of the society, to do so means a paid membership.  There is no work around for that, noallowances.

Weare in the process of laying out a clearer path for become an MIT and for MIT’sto gain their Warrants.

We will be encouraging marshals to open the lines ofcommunication between combats, and if necessary calling holds to do so. Pleasekeep in mind that “Judging the effects of blows is left to the honor of thecombatant being struck by the weapon, unless he or she relinquishes thisresponsibility, with the exception of clear violations of the Rules of theLists or the Conventions of Combat. Effectiveness of a blow may not be judgedby the opposing combatant, the marshal on the field, or other observers.Information unavailable to the combatant being struck may be supplied by theopposing combatant or the marshal, including blade orientation upon impact, apparentforce transmitted, or apparent location and angle of the blow’s impact basedupon the observer’s angle of observation.”Section V, part A Sca Marshal’s Handbook.

Lastly,a reminder to check your helms  as wehead into the season of war. Check your straps, rivets, welds and, mostimportantly, your padding.



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Posted by: Hamish de Nisbet, VI Baron of Windhaven, O.P. Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal (KLO) on 6/15/2015

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