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Creative Challenges for Youth

Here are challenges that young people can do. I would love to hear the answers to these challenges later at bardic circle.

1) Filking: Write new words to a song you already know such as 'Row Row Your Boat', 'Jingle Bells', or 'Home on the Range'. Pick an SCA idea to write about.

2) Riddles: Take a bunch of cards and write these topics on the first line

King's throne
List table at the fighters' field
Big orange jug of water at the fighters field
Box of lost and found stuff
Herald who reads announcements
Back of a privy (not inside)
Chiurgen in charge
Middle Kingdom Banner
Marshal in charge

Now on the back of the card write a description or clues that would actually allow you to guess the name or find the place or person. You can not use the actually name of the person or thing.

For example, "I have four legs but I do not run. People eat meals from the top of me. What am I?"

Now you can come up with more names and places at SCA events. Take your cards and trade with someone else; see how many you can answer!

Note these cards could be used at an event to set up a treasure hunt.

3) Monsters oh my! In honor of the Rokecliff monster, make up a monster from your area. What does it look like? Now draw it. What makes it scary? How do people defeat the monster? Where does it hide? Who does the monster pick on?

4) Storytelling: It is time for a new knight and dragon story. Put a surprise in the story. Maybe the dragon is the hero. So what does the knight do, that gets her or him into trouble. What make the situation worse than it would normally be? How does the dragon overcome all of the troubles? What does the knight do to reward the dragon?

5) The castle challenge: In most castles you have to cross a moat of water and go through a heavily guarded gate to get into the castle. However, to get to YOUR castle, there are 10 more things that person must do or places that must be crossed. What are those 10 things?

6) What is in my castle? In a castle siege, you must have supplies to last a long time. In YOUR castle, people are surprised to find supplies of what 10 things?

7) Party, anyone? You have a million dollars to plan the perfect SCA young people's event. What will happen at that event? What will you have to eat? Where will you sleep? What kind of playthings will you have? Are there famous people who will come to your event? What will make you most happy at this event?

8) Who am I? Take the letters of your name and make a description of yourself. Here is the way that I did my name: C-caring , H -helpful, A -amiable, R - real, R -roaming, I -insightful, S- singing, S -storytelling, A- anachronistic

9) A Sword that.Pretend you have a special sword that can do ten magical things like produce flames, do dishes, sing songs or jump rope. Describe the ten magical things that your sword can do. Give your sword a name. Where did the special sword come from? How did you happen to get the special sword?

10) Oh Gross! Make a list of ten favorite foods. Make a list of ten really yucky foods. Make a list of ten strange foods. In the Middle Ages, we had illusion foods that looked like one type of food but actually were a different food. Also very different foods were mixed together to get different tastes. So fill in the following sentence with works from your lists and see what you get:

The food looked like ====== and tasted like ======= but actually it was =======.


I saw a food that look like ======= but it was actually ===== and =======.


I saw a food that look like pizza but it was actually ice cream and cherries.

The food looked like ham and tasted like pineapple but actually it was broccoli.

11) Storytelling: Something happened and all different types of SCA people turned into animals. Describe what animal each type of person turned in to:

People at Troll:
Barons and Baronesses:
Rest of the adults:

Only the children were not changed into animals. So the children have to save the adults what caused the change? How do the children save the adults?

12) Adults have forgotten how to have fun like young people do. Describe ten activities that adults should do if they wanted to have as much fun as young people do.

Posted by: Kit Marik syn Kingdom Webminister (KLO) on 10/13/2007

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