HE Abbey KegSlayer HE Abbey KegSlayer
Award: Cypher, Joint King & Queen
Persona: Jutta van der Bruegghen (known as Ivetta)
Presenting Branch/Group: Kingdom of Northshield
Presented on 4/11/2015 at Spring Coronation ( 19 other awards given at this event.)
Presenting Royalty: Vladimir II and Petranella II
Reason: For being chamberlain extraordinaire.
Additional Note: Ivetta was also banished from the rest of the court.
Illumination by , Calligraphy by Cinthia Koli , Composing by Petranella Fitzallen of Weston . Displayed with permission. Please contact the scribe(s) for permission if you wish to copy or use this artwork.
Picture of Award
Award/Scroll Wording:
We, the Crown of Northshield, on this Feast Day of St. Stanislaus, in this first year of the Reign of Vladimir and Petranella the Second, while sitting in State in Our Canton of Blachemere, do charge Jutta van der Brueghann with following Us around the Kingdom, constantly moving Our stuff and never leaving Us alone. Therefore, We set Our Joint Cypher on this Writ of Banishment. She has been found guilty and is forbidden from the Royal presence for as long as We shall sit these Thrones.

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