Master Friedrich von Augsburg Master Friedrich von Augsburg
Award: Crwth, Order of the
Persona: Maol Mhichil mac Giolla Pheadair
Presenting Branch/Group: Kingdom of Northshield
Presented on 8/31/2014 at Known World Bardic Congress and Cooks Collegium VII ( 6 other awards given at this event.)
Presenting Royalty: Siegfried IV and Elizabeth II
Calligraphy & Illumination by Katerinka Lvovicha . Displayed with permission. Please contact the scribe(s) for permission if you wish to copy or use this artwork.
Picture of Award
Award/Scroll Wording:
From Elizabeth, Empress of Edam, Governess of Gruyere, Champion of Cheddar, Sovereign of Chevre, Lady of Limburger, Countess of Camembert, Domina of Dunlap, Sultan of Swiss, Benefactor of Brie, Protector of Parmesan, Regina of Reggiano, and Dread Stellar Majesty of the Kingdom of Northshield, and Siegfried, her King, Greetings.

We curd of the bardic and heraldic prowess of Maol Mhichil mac Giolla Pheadair, and it was wheely recommended that we induct you into our Order of the Crwth. We think this is Edam Gouda idea, and have rarely heard a cheddar plan. We feel ricotta give you this honor for your dedication to vocal performance. You are M√ľnsterously talented and we hope you will mold others in this tradition, and trust you not to rennet into the ground. Not to be a squeeky curd, but we do not feel this is whey out of line. By our hand and seal it is done. 30 August 2014, AS 49 at Known World Cooks and Bards in the Barony of Jararvellir.

Siegfried, Rex
Elizabeth, Recheesna
Notes about the Award/Scroll:
Based off the T'oros Roslin Gospels, Armenia, 1262.

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