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Award: Award of Arms
Persona: Nicolai of Shattered Oak
Presenting Branch/Group: Kingdom of Middle
Presented on 11/15/2003

Service to the society, interest in tablet weaving, poetry and music.

Additional Note:

PoN - Aubrey & Anne

Illumination by Friedrich von Augsburg , Calligraphy by Roxelana Bramante . Displayed with permission. Please contact the scribe(s) for permission if you wish to copy or use this artwork.
Picture of Award
Award/Scroll Wording:

Due commendations and greetings from Aubrey, Prince of Northshield by right of arms, and Anne, Our Princess, are mindful to make unto Nicolai of Shattered Oak an Award of Arms in recognition of his service to Our Shire of Shattered Oak and his interests in tablet weaving, poetry, and music.  We bestow upon Nicolai the right to bear arms as registered within the Society without let or hinderance from any person; and the rights and responsibilities conveyed by his eleveation to this rank from this day onward.  Done by Our hands this 15th day of November, A.S. XXXVIII, while on Our thrones at Buffalo Snit.

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