Mosaic created by Padruig Maclennan Mosaic created by Padruig Maclennan
Court Date: 1/27/2024 (Court #1)
Event Name: Wacky Garb Ball: Supernatural
Presenting Royalty: Yngvar III and Isabella
Reporter: Seán mac Labhráis
Herald: Seán mac Labhráis
Day Signet: Sofonisba Vestpasiana Gabrielli
Seneschal of Record: Evelein Jantz
Youth Officer of Record: Sofonisba Vestpasiana Gabrielli
Presentation of multiple Gold Brain trophies (in keeping with the Ball’s annual theme of the show “Supernatural”) to winners of various categories of the Wacky Garb Ball fashion show.

Local spotlight shown on James Applegate by Her Excellency Athelyna, Baroness of Jararvellir

Awards Presented

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