Combat Archery (MagisterFrater Giles) Combat Archery (MagisterFrater Giles)

Emergency Deputy Exchequer

Baroness Valdis Grimmundsdottir

(Quin Overland)
1305 14th St N Moorhead MN 56560 United States
(701) 630-2987
Took Office: 04/16/2020
Photograph of Valdis Grimmundsdottir
Position Details
Responsible for directly assisting the Kingdom Exchequer with all aspects of the Kingdom Exchequer position and the ability and willingness to take over the position in case of an emergency which would prevent the Kingdom Exchequer from performing in this capacity. Kingdom Exchequer duties include, but are not limited to, financial oversight of the Kingdom and it’s assets; ensuring compliance to Financial Policies; reporting compliance for all Kingdom Branches; compilation of reports for all the Branches and the Kingdom accounts; and maintaining and updating Kingdom Financial Policy (in accordance with Society Financial Policy) and Kingdom Budgets.
Previous Officers
Persona Name Email Start Date End Date Term
Valdis Grimmundsdottir Login to view 4/16/2020 Active 17 months
Dyonisia Buleheued Login to view 1/11/2020 4/16/2020 3 months
Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth Login to view 2/25/2019 1/11/2020 11 months
Michael St. Christian Login to view 1/13/2018 9/8/2018 8 months
Dyonisia Buleheued Login to view 11/17/2017 1/13/2018 2 months
Valdis Grimmundsdottir Login to view 4/8/2017 11/17/2017 7 months
Sefa Farmansdóttir Login to view 4/9/2016 4/8/2017 12 months
Apollonia Sybilla Rebil Login to view 11/3/2015 4/9/2016 5 months
Jean du MalChance Login to view 11/1/2013 11/3/2015 24 months
Sefa Farmansdóttir Login to view 1/1/2013 10/12/2013 9 months
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