You're never too young to learn to accessorize You're never too young to learn to accessorize

Thatsa Mare; Thatsa long way to go, but what an Event!

Hosted by: Shire of Mare Amethystinum

Start Date: 7/1/2011 Thru End Date: 7/4/2011 46
Sleeping Giant (Pass Lake)
Pass Lake Crossroad
Pass Lake ON

Planned Activities: Armored Combat , Bardic Activities , Youth Activities

Thatsa time is upon us again, but thisa time itsa little different.

The fine folks of Mare Amethystinum invite you all to join us on this weekend of wonder and history.

The call is sent out to all our neighbors and friends from afar: Who can stop His Excellency, Sir Vlad, from winning his 5th straight Highland games?!

  • A bardic challenge, your journey to the fabled Sleeping Giant!
  • A team challenge, fetch a la vache!
  • Who has traveled the farthest?
  • Early to bed, early to die! Combat on the Giant!
  • A brewing challenge, vote on your favourite!
  • An aMAZEing challenge for the youth.
  • The Highland Games!, are you man, woman, youth enough?
  • And a few things more!

A Feast of spit roasted boar!, hasenpfeffer stew! bread cakes, leafy greens, scots eggs, root vegetables, cheeses and more.

Breakfast from the Baroness

Site fee is $10, Feast is $8
Non-member surcharge of $5
Kids 10 and under free

Site opens 2pm Friday July 1. closes 12am Monday July 4.

Site is located south off hwy 11/17, 9.5km down hwy 587, right on Pass Lake crossroads to the end.

Event Autocrat:
Lord Odwulf
Joe Forgues 807-285-4991
Thunder Bay, ON

Lady Tova
Lesley Forgues 807-285-4991
Thunder Bay ON

For friends from afar needing additional accommodations, contact Odwulf.

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