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Medieval Religions, Spiritual Practices, and the Supernatural Symposium

Hosted by: Barony of Jararvellir

Start Date: 3/22/2025 Thru End Date: 3/22/2025 59
Edgewood College
1000 Edgewood College Dr
Madison WI 53711

Planned Activities: Classes

Event Basis:

This will be a day of classes involving anything related to Medieval Religions, Spiritual Practices, and the Supernatural. This may include classes about medieval religious figures (Popes, Saints, etc), Divination (like attempting to tell the future using cheese, yes that was a real thing), the Pantheons of different cultures (like Greek Gods and Goddesses), the Supernatural (like classes on the Medieval concept of Fairies), and much more.

Are you interested in teaching? Please fill out this google form:


Site opens 9am    Site closes 7pm

Site Fee: Donation

Site is ADA Compliant

Alcohol: Dry Site. We can discuss alcohol, but any tasting would have to be done off-site.

Food: Two on-site food vendors along with many Madison restaurants in the area. Bringing in personal food IS allowed.

No open Flame, but ironing or curling would be acceptable.

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