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That's a Beautiful Event - The Perfumery, Beauty Care and Adornment Virtual Symposium

Hosted by: Barony of Jararvellir

Start Date: 12/4/2020 Thru End Date: 12/6/2020 55
Virtual event (Zoom platform)


Planned Activities: Classes

December is a dark and gloomy month, and celebration of beauty and fragrances should add some sparkles and joy. Therefore we propose a new virtual event, 'That's a Beautiful Event' - The Perfumery,Beauty Care and Adornment Virtual Symposium, to fill the gap and lighten the mood.  

Please come and join us in sharing our knowledge on beauty care, fragrances and adornments throughout the human history. We will have classes, discussions and a meeting room for everyone to socialize (open on Zoom platform for the duration of the symposium).

Planned activities include classes  , beauty care, bathing and hygiene customs, haircare and hairstyling,makeup, soap making and laundry, permanent (tattoos, tooth inlays, piercing)and temporary (henna art) body embellishments.

There will also be panels dedicated to discussion about historical cosmetics and modern racial sensitivity, how to center a persona around activities related to beauty care and fragrances, and a roundtable for beginning and for more experienced cosmetic crafters.

No preregistration required and no fees. 

Event steward: Dúgū Jìnán (Kasia Gromek);

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