The Reign of Stephen Du Bois and Ailleanne ingen Faelin

As King and Queen, we would like to show the other Kingdoms of the Knowne World the greatness that is Northshield, to this end we ask our artisans to craft items and donate them for gift baskets and presentations for our travels.

Also as we look to the future we see the movements of armies and hear the faint drums of war to this end we endeavor to motivate our troops, we would ask for gifts for those who would fight for Northshield

The Drums of War Sound.
Will you answer their call?

Items we would appreciate receiving:

- Metal Circlets for AoA's

- Gas cards

- Lamp work (glass) beads

- Semi-precious stones and/or trinkets for tokens

- Card woven trim, anything woven (Northshield colors, or other as well)

- Illuminated note cards

- Scroll blanks

- Fabric (linen or wool)

- Veils, especially beaded ones

- Mead, cordials, and homebrew beer is always appreciated (please present outside of court)

- Northshield Pennants and Banners