The Reign of Stephen Du Bois and Ailleanne ingen Faelin


April 18th Road to the Isle - We're Not Dead Yet
May 2 Midrealm Coronation
May 9th Crown (Stallari Meeting, Chiv Meeting)
May 14-17 Quest for Camelot
May 22-25 Castle Feaver / TOC (Chiv Meeting)
May 29-31th Mermaids
June 13th Border Skirmish
July 10-12th Warriors and Warlords (Laurel Meeting)
July 17-19th Midsumar
July 31- Aug 8th Pennsic WAR
Aug 27-30th Ages of WAR
Sept 4-7th

The Skye is the Limit /
Castle Rouge Baronial investiture

Sept 12th Coronation