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Date Events Who was there Court
May 12 Crown Tourney Their Highnesses  
May 17-20 Quest for Camelot His Highness  
May 25-27 Midsummers in the Highlands Their Highnesses  
June 23 Mad Dogs Their Highnesses Yes
June 29-July1 Moorish Tavern His Highness  
July 5-8 Warriors and Warlords Their Highnesses  
July 20-22 Rabid Yale Hunt VII Their Highnesses Yes
July 27-Aug 12 Pennsic War 36 His Highness  
Aug. 31-Sept 3 A Viking Odyssey - Love on the Fjords! Her Highness  
Sept 8 Northshield Coronation Their Majesties Yes
Sept 13-16 CeCil's Seige III Their Majesties Yes
Sept 29 Windhaven 30th Birthday Their Excellencies Yes
Sept 29 Crash n' Bash XII Their Majesties  
Oct 13 Fall Crown Tournament Their Majesties Yes
Oct. 20 Otsukimi-Japanese Event His Majesty  
Oct 27 Masquerade II Their Majesties Yes
Nov 3 St. Katherine's Her Majesty Yes
Nov 17 TOC Their Majesties Yes
Nov 30-2 Known World Academy of Rapier Their Majesties Yes
Dec 9 Boars Head XXX Their Majesties Yes
Dec 15 Yule Tide Her Majesty  
Jan 5 Twelfth Night - Lonely Tower, Calontir Their Majesties  
Jan 19 Twelfth Night - Nordskogen Their Majesties Yes
Jan 26 Sebastian Strings Archery Practice Their Majesties  
Jan 26 Its Only a Flesh Wound Their Highnesses Yes
Feb 2 Hromnice Celebration Her Majesty Yes
Feb 9 Hertzkrieg IX Their Majesties Yes
Feb 16 Lupercalia Her Majesty Yes
Feb 16 Un Fete d' Armor His Excellency Yes
Feb 23 Fighters School His Majesty Yes
March 1 Northshield Officer's Day Her Majesty Yes
March 9-16 Gulf Wars Their Majesties Yes
March 29 Ides of March Their Majesties Yes
April 5 Brewers' & Vintners' XII Their Majesties  
April 12 Provost Challenge Her Majesty Yes