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What foods does His Majesty like?
Green Peanut M&Ms , Canadian Coke, Dr. Pepper
What foods does His Majesty Hagan dislike?
Venison, Monkeys
What foods does Her Majesty Eilis like?
scones, pocky (pocky is candy coated biscuit sticks made in Japan), chocolate, tea, Canadian Coke, Mello Yellow
What foods does Her Majesty Eilis dislike?
Raisins, cauliflower, fish, coffee
If foods are provided in a Royalty room, what should they be?
meat, cheese, fruits, chocolate
If you want to make garb for His Majesty Hagan, what are his measurements?

Neck: 19
Neck to floor: 62
Neck to knee (front) 45 (back) 43
Neck to back: 20
Neck to waist front: 23
Bicep: 18.5
Bicep flexed: 19.5
Shoulder to wrist: 24
Shoulder to elbow: 16
Shoulder front: 11 back: 13
Shoulder seam: 24
Shoulder tip to center waist front: 24
Chest: 61
Arm length bent: 29
Elbow to wrist: 12
Elbow: 16
Waist: 63
Hip: 58
Waist to floor: 46
Waist to just below knee: 25
Inseam: 32
Upper thigh flexed: 31
Knee: 16
Head: 22.5
Fist: 13.5
Wrist: 8

If you want to make garb for Her Majesty Eilis, what are her measurements? Available by Request
Are there donations that you can make to Their Majesties?
Their Majesties would appreciate the following items most:
Scroll blanks, cordials, meads, wines, gift bags, tokens(coins, glass beads, braided cords, rings, arm rings, bracelets).