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Thank You's from their Majesties

Thank You to the Gnome World Encampment for keeping us shaded and hydrated at WW. There is no place like Gnome!

Congratulations to Lord Martin MacKeegan of Noiregarde Princess Sleeve Champion.
Thank you to all the members of the rapier community came to seek the sleeve and brave the unmerciful hot weather.
We would also like to thank the good people of Coldedernhale for organizing and hosting the tourney.
To the Great and Noble People of Falcon's Keep we send our deepest thanks for hosting Our Coronation. Not only did you bestow upon us a wonderous day but many excellent gifts as well. Vivant!!!!!
Thank You to Noireguarde for hosting Our Crown Tournament. You did a wonderful job!!! Huzzah! Special thanks to the Autocrat, Feastocrat, our Royal Guards, Devon for the massage and the Saucy Frenchman for the bone cracking session!