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Northwatch Letter, November 2007



By now the succession is secured and we have Our Heirs. Congratulations and welcome to the Royal Family.

We would like to thank all combatants for participating in our tourney and our gracious hosts the People of Noiregarde.

Please join Us at this months Known World Rapier Academy . It is a fantastic opportunity to train and exchange ideas with the rest of the Known World.

As stores are laid in preparation for winter we encourage all to find their muse for treasures will be created this winter. It is the time for song and story, let us raise our voices to the glory of Northshield. To this end, we call all bards to compose sagas, ballads and prose exalting Northshield and her people. We wish your words to inspire our hearts, boil our blood and bring tears to our eyes. Our December Missive will contain how we will hear your submissions. For it is our vision to take these compositions and bind them into a great book.

For the Good of the Land

Hagan and Eilis