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Northwatch Letter, October 2007


King Hagan and Queen Eilis doth send their Greetings unto the People of Northshield,

It gives us boundless delight to be Northshield’s seventh King and Queen. We look forward to traveling the realm, visiting old friends and making new ones.

Unto Count Hrodir and Countess Giulia we send warm wishes and much thanks.

Deep thanks to the good people of Falcon’s Keep for hosting Our Coronation. It was truly an amazing day.

As we travel the land in October, enjoying cool crisp autumn days and the glorious foliage colors, we plan to attend Otsukimi in Tor Aerie and Masquerade II in Dreibrucken. We would also invite all to join us in Noiregarde for Crown Tournament as brave warriors compete, with the inspiration of their consorts, to be the next Heirs of Northshield.

For the good of the Land,

Hagan and Eilis

King and Queen of Northshield