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Northwatch Letter, September 2007


Greetings Northshield,

Soon we will be parting with our Noble Parents Hrodir and Giulia and assuming their place. It saddens our hearts to say good bye but we look forward to the challenge and enjoyment that awaits us as your next King and Queen. We would invite all good gentles to celebrate with us at Our Coronation in Falcon’s Keep and at Cecil’s Siege held in Svaty Sebesta.

In October, we will travel to Noiregarde to find Our Heirs. Becoming Royalty requires a deep commitment but the joys are equally profound therefore we encourage all who desire it to report to the lists.

Listed below is a checklist for entering Fall Crown Tourney.

Send a letter of intent and a letter of recommendation from your seneschal of combatant and consort’s activity within your local group to Us and Kingdom Seneschal no later than our Coronation.

A complete package should be presented at the list table the day of Crown Tournament.

A complete package should include:


* · Proof of membership
* · Northwatch label
* · A 8x10 color copy of your arms or the arms you will be recognized by for the list board
* · A copy of your fighter’s card
* · Picture ID

Together with:


* · Proof of membership
* · Northwatch label
* · Picture ID

For the Good of the Land,

Hagan and Eilis