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Northwatch Letter, April 2008


The seventh age of Northshield comes to an end but it is not a sad time because great endings give birth to great beginnings.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us with Our Reign. One cannot rule alone nor can you run a kingdom without great support. We have been exceptionally blessed by the support of our staff and the people of this great Kingdom. Special thanks to Stallari, our Chamberlains, retainers, clothiers, and all those who gave assistance, advice, chocolate, fetched tacos, and helped spread the joy.

During our reign, we have signed our letters For the Good of the Land but without the People, the land is nothing. The people of Northshield populate the land with such heart and integrity; it has brought us much joy and pride to be your sovereigns.

For the good of the Land!

Hagan and Eilis