Crown Contenders

Hark and listen,

On the the 8th day of October We have called for a meeting of Champions to decide who shouLord rule after we step aside. This here list carries honor and strength of arms. We are happy to see so many Sword Danes and strong Saxons willing to carry this burden of rule. Know these names for one Will take up Our crowns and lead you after We have sailed away.

Hrodir and Ann

Lord Damiano Cioli del Castello di Linari fighting for Lady Alinore Wyndover
Lord Saren Cynydd fighting for Lady Farideh Sethna
Lord Dominus Ansils the Goth fighting for THL Asny Hafldansditter
Sir Roisin fighting for Don Micheal St Christain
Baron Kita Jiru Toramasa fighting for Baroness Una
THL Lyulf Angus MacDougal fighting for Lady Aigeline
Sir Duncan MacPherson fighting for Mistress Seonaid Inghean Dhomnaill
Baron Kindorn Broadbelt fighting fo Mistress Cassandra of the Western Green
THL Johannes Von Urach fighting for THL Lusanna Cerchi called Zanni
Viscount Gaius Niklos Aurelius Equestor fighting for Viscountess Aramanthra the Vicious
Lord Magnus Einarson fighting for Lady Asidis Karsadottir
Lord Vidi Hovdestad fighting for Baroness Marwen de la Rivere
Baron James Eric of York fighting for Lady Amaryllis of Castel Rouge
Viscount Sir Lief Haadonson fighting for Viscountess Astrid fo the Yellow Rose
Sir Morgan Olander fighting for Baroness Lusche della Cassiago
Count Sir Stephen du Bois fighting for Countess Ailleane ingen Faelin
Lord Theodweard I'Archier fighting for Viscountess Isabella Falcao del Galinha
Baron Vladimir Radescu fighting for Baroness Petranella Fitzallen