Gulf Wars

Hello folks!

If you are planning on camping with Northshield at Gulf Wars this year, please contact us and let us know the following information:

* Date of Arrival (particularly if you will be arriving before March 13
* The footprint of your tent, including ropes
* The number of people in your tent
* If you wish to be a part of a particular group
* If you have additional tents you wish to set up (such as kitchen, sunshade, etc.)

Please make sure you list Northshield as your camping group on your pre-registration form. If you want to camp with Northshield, you need to register both with the event and the Land Ladies. If we haven't heard from you, we cannot guarantee you a spot. Northshield's camp has been a full house the last couple of years, so it is important you check in if you plan to camp.

We make every effort to accommodate all requests for specific areas and other things, but please keep in mind that the number of people and the topography of our land do limit what we can do.

We look forward to seeing you all in March!

Cealfind and Asli
Gulf War XX Land Ladies


Gulf Wars
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