Greeting unto the populace of Northshield!

We hope that everyone has had a good August and we are happy to have seen everyone that we could at Pennsic, Poor Man's Pennsic, Cross and Compass and St. Radegund's Fair.

We look forward to Coronation in Caer Anterth Mawr and to wish to say thank you to TRM Wulfgar= and Devon for their help and guidance. Later in September we hope we will be seeing people at Hadrian's Feld/Northshield Rapier Academy.

If you haven't done so, please get your letter of intent in for Crown Tournament, we will be taking letters up to noon on Coronation day.

A quick clarification for the Crown Tournament format: There will be two pools and each combatant will fight everyone in their pool in a best two out of three; no repeat of weapon styles in each individual bout (styles are two-weapon, great weapon, weapon and shield). The top four from each pool will advance to a final eight, standard double-elimination, same weapon format, best two out of three.

Luce & Yngvar