May 25-28Castle FeverBoth
June 8-10Border SkirmishYngvar
June 9-12Lilies WarLuce
June 16Stellar University of NorthshieldLuce
June 22-24Woodland RompYngvar
July 12-15Warriors & WarlordsBoth
July 27-August 12Pennsic WarYngvar
August 10-12Poor Man's PennsicBoth
August 18-19Cross & CompassLuce
August 24-26St. Radegund's FairBoth
August 31-September 3When in Rome (do as the Visigoths did)!Both
September 8Fall CoronationBoth
September 21Hadrian's FeldBoth
September 29 Pas d'Armes pour la splendeur et l'apparat de l'automneYngvar
October 13Crown TournamentBoth
November 3Dance SeminarLuce
December 8Boar's Head - "Celebration of Travellers"Both
January 512th NightBoth
January 19Winter War Maneuvers (Calontir)Both: tenative
February 9Stellar University of NorthshieldLuce
February 16HertzkriegBoth
February 23A Japanese Haire AffaireLuce
March 2LupercaliaBoth
March 10-17Gulf Wars (Gleann Abhann)Both
April 13Spring CoronationBoth