Email is the preferred method of contact for Their Majesties and all of their staff.

Their Royal Majesties

Yngvar inn Heppni & Luce Tolle
(Jason & Elizabeth Coltom)


Please contact the chamberlain regarding retaining and other volunteer opportunties.

Meister Gevehard von Baden
(Garret Bitker)
Please no calls after 10:00 pm

Wardrobe Mistress

Please contact the wardrobe mistress if you are interested in making garb for Their Hignesses.

Mistress Greta Rahikkainen
(Gayle Bitker)
Please no calls after 10:00 pm

Largess/Gift Basket Coordinator & Webminister

Her Ladyship Anpliça Fiore
(Rachel Gray)
Please no calls after 10:00 pm

Brute Squad

Please contact the brute squad with any comments or concerns of the reign.

His Lordship Theodweard l'Archer
(Terry Glidden)
Please no calls after 11:00pm

Visual Historian

The Visual Historian will be taking & gathering images throughout the reign. Please contact her if you have photos you would like to add to her collection.

Aneka's Flickr account documenting the reign.

Aneka Gretadotter
(Gwen Isaacson)