Greetings unto the Populace of Northshield.

Please welcome our Heirs and give them the support that you have already given us. Thank you to the College of Svaty Sebesta for hosting our Crown Tourney and all those who attended to make this a wonderful day for all of us.

It has been 8 great years since we have become a Kingdom and would like to poll the populace to find out what everyone has been participating in and we would like to know how we as peers can help enhance the dream of the SCA. The poll is an informal online poll that you will be able to fill out as much or little information you would like.

Also after talking with the Stallari Council about Kingdom regalia we would like to start fund raiser to help fix, improve and add to the Kingdom Royalty Regalia. To do this, we would like to start a competition amongst our Populace, Peers, Baronies, Shires - any who wish to compete. To get points for your group all you need are pennies, each penny is worth one point, the group with the most pennies wins. Though if you wish to hinder your competition anything added to their collection of pennies that is not a penny will count as negative points, i.e. a nickel is -5 points, a dime -10, a quarter -25 points and so on. At Boar's Head, Flesh Wound and any event you are at please show your collection of "points" so people may help.

Yngvar & Luce