Happy New Year to the Populace of Northshield!

We hope that everyone had a joyous Christmas and Happy New Year and that you are not too stuffed from all the food and fun with friends and family...unless that's part of your fun.

We would like to say thank you to HE Ivetta for the interim Signet and HE Ia for taking on the role of Kingdom Signet. Thank you to HE Tom who is stepping down in April as Kingdom Earl Marshal (HG Raito will be stepping up in April.) Congratulations to Don Edward of Kent and Lady Deja Amidarium Vu who will be stepping up as the new Baron and Baroness of Nordskogen!

We have a busy calendar ahead of us and we are hoping to be seeing many of you at Twelfth Night and Flesh Would in January. I (Yngvar) hope to be travelling even more but will have to see what the weather brings, I'm hoping for snow and the queen is thinking I'm crazy for that. I like snow - lots of it. What good Viking doesn't like snow?

At this time we are talking to the southern Kingdoms to about who we will be allying with for Gulf Wars (also known as a warm weather break to those who don't like snow.) Please make your winter get-away plans for Gulf Wars to join us for a warmer edition of winter-southern style.

Good luck to all those who have made New Year's resolutions (the queen says mine should be to not get broken this year) and may we all have a happy and prosperous new year!

Luce & Yngvar